Post Doc Opportunity on Bioinformatics (Kunming,China)

Post Doc Opportunity on Bioinformatics

The iFlora Bioinformatics Center of the Kunming Institute of Botany (Kunming, Yunnan), Chinese Academy of Sciences is offering TWO, 3-year post doc position which funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Team description

Plant diversity and genomics research team is a big team led by Prof. Dezhu Li in Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The big team’s studies include plant diversity and phylogenetic genomics, comparative and functional genomics, the development of iFlora and the conservation and utilization of wild germplasm resources. iFlora Bioinformatics center is an important part of the big team, set up at July 2018 and lead by Prof. Yupeng CUN. His research is mainly foucus on the development of bioinformatics algorithms, machine learning models for genomics, comparative and functional genomics.

Your tasks:

Successful candidate will work with the team in researching new methods and strategies for species identification and classification algorithms with plant genome and pictures, managing graduate students and High Performance Computing resources, applying and undertaking research projects independently.

Your profile:

-PhD degree in Informatics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Ecology, Population genetics or a related field

-Basic programming knowledge in C/C++, R or Python

-Experience in statistics/machine learning data analysis

-Published research papers as the first author in international journals or made outstanding data analysis contributions in important academic papers

-Able to design experiments, communicate well and collaborate with the team

-Proficiency in scientific English, spoken and writing

-Respect for the cultures and religion of local, minority people

KIB and our lab will pay 14 000 ~16 000 Yuan (RMB) per month (before tax). Annual salary is 168 000 ~19200 (average salary in Kunming is about 6000 Yuan per month). The KIB and our lab will provide bonus salaries for high quality performances (such as publications in important journals) at the end of year. Candidates can also apply for additional funding resources in China for the post doc project, i.e. PIFI of Chinese Academy of Sciences. PIFI link:

Successful candidate will work with Prof. Yupeng Cun and other team members and Masters degree students. This position is no deadline until the successful candidate is awarded.

Please contact with Dr. Yupeng Cun ( Don’t hesitate to write us for more information.

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