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Computational biologist

Personal genomes

Advances in genome science and technology offer a deeper understanding of biology while at the same time improving the practice of medicine. Genomics information could tell  us more story on our health.In 2008, Nature offered a special focus on “Personal Genomics” to focus on the on how genomes information help us known our health. As the price of sequencing is deducing, someday can say that my gene, my health. Here is a snapshot from Nature.

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A new begin, a new start

After 3 years, I finally got a position abroad to continue my dream.  Life is long, do not give up for one leave blind on eyes.

Life should be colorful, although sometimes it have to be in restrained and unrestrained style.  Just as Tagore said:  Let  life be  beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.

两条路在林间分开,我选一条少有人走的路,我做了一些不同的选择去也看到了同样的希望,我庆幸我没有为了目的欺骗自己的灵魂,我庆幸在困难、彷徨中 我没有放弃;我庆幸虽然我失去了最好的一片叶子,可我看到森林的另一番景象。我会继续沿着那条小道走下去。

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

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