comutational courese in Plos Computational Biology

Short introduction paper in different ares in computational biology.

Fran Lewitter, Welcome to PLoS Computational Biology “Education”

Kenzie D MacIsaac, Ernest Fraenkel, Practical Strategies for Discovering Regulatory DNA Sequence Motifs, April 2006

Duncan Brown, Kimmen Sjölander, Functional Classification Using Phylogenomic Inference,June 2006

Philip E Bourne, Johanna McEntyre, Biocurators: Contributors to the World of Science,October 2006

Yuan Qi, Hui Ge, Modularity and Dynamics of Cellular Networks, December 2006

Peter Schattner, Automated Querying of Genome Databases, January 2007

Machine Learning and Its Applications to Biology

Adi L Tarca, Vincent J Carey, Xue-wen Chen, Roberto Romero, Sorin Drăghici, June 2007

Introduction to Computational Proteomics

Jacques Colinge, Keiryn L Bennett, July, 2007

A Primer on Learning in Bayesian Networks for Computational Biology

Chris J Needham, James R Bradford, Andrew J Bulpitt, David R Westhead, August 2007

From Pathways Databases to Network Models of Switching Behavior

Baltazar D Aguda, Andrew B Goryachev, Sep, 2007

A Primer on Python for Life Science Researchers

Sebastian Bassi,November 2007

Strategies for Identifying RNA Splicing Regulatory Motifs and Predicting Alternative Splicing Events

Dirk Holste, Uwe Ohler, 01/2008

Comprehensive Analysis of Affymetrix Exon Arrays Using BioConductor

Michał J Okoniewski, Crispin J Miller, 02/2008

A Quick Guide for Computer-Assisted Instruction in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Manuel João Costa, Eduardo Galembeck, Guilherme A. Marson, Bayardo B. Torres, 04/2008

An Introduction to Bioinformatics for Glycomics Research

Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita,05/2008

Mean-Fields and Neural Masses

Karl Friston, 07/2008

Advanced Genomic Data Mining

Xosé M. Fernández-Suárez, Ewan Birney, 09/2008

Structure-Guided Comparative Analysis of Proteins: Principles, Tools, and Applications for Predicting Function

Raja Mazumder, Sona Vasudevan, 09/2008

Support Vector Machines and Kernels for Computational Biology

Asa Ben-Hur, Cheng Soon Ong, Sören Sonnenburg, Bernhard Schölkopf, Gunnar Rätsch, 10/2008

Analyzing ChIP-chip Data Using Bioconductor

Joern Toedling, Wolfgang Huber, 11/2008

A Primer on Regression Methods for Decoding cis-Regulatory Logic

Debopriya Das, Matteo Pellegrini, Joe W. Gray, 01/2009

A Quick Guide to Organizing Computational Biology Projects

William Stafford Noble, 07/2009

A Quick Guide to Teaching R Programming to Computational Biology Students

Stephen J. Eglen, 08/2009

Biomedical Text Mining and Its Applications

Raul Rodriguez-Esteban, 12/2009

Protein–Protein Interactions Essentials: Key Concepts to Building and Analyzing Interactome Networks

Javier De Las Rivas, Celia Fontanillo, 06/2010

An Introduction to Biomolecular Graphics

Cameron Mura, Colin M. McCrimmon, Jason Vertrees, Michael R. Sawaya, 08/2010

Pattern Recognition Software and Techniques for Biological Image Analysis

Lior Shamir, John D. Delaney, Nikita Orlov, D. Mark Eckley, Ilya G. Goldberg, 11/2010


Pathway Analysis of Expression Data: Deciphering Functional Building Blocks of Complex Diseases

Frank Emmert-Streib, Galina V. Glazko, 05/2011

Biomedical Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

Vincent A. Fusaro, Prasad Patil, Erik Gafni, Dennis P. Wall, Peter J. Tonellato, 08/2011

Integrating Bioinformatics Tools to Handle Glycosylation

Yuliet Mazola, Glay Chinea, Alexis Musacchio

BeadArray Expression Analysis Using Bioconductor

Matthew E. Ritchie, Mark J. Dunning, Mike L. Smith, Wei Shi, Andy G. Lynch

Thermodynamic State Ensemble Models of cis-Regulation

Marc S. Sherman, Barak A. Cohen

Author: Y. Cun

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